Picnic Pegs - Replacement Set


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Each Really Big Picnic Rug comes with it's own four pack of super-strong aluminium Picnic Pegs as part of the set.


No need to order these separately, unless you've lost yours and need to grab a replacement set.


Picnic Pegs are made from super strong aluminium and are designed to work with the eyelets in each corner of your Really Big Picnic Rug to tether it to the grass.


They work best when pushed in by hand to soft, damp grass, but can be carefully and gently tapped in with a hammer or mallet. They are not designed for use in hard ground and will bend with forceful hammering. These beauties are not camping grade and are not suitable for use as replacements for high load bearing tent pegs. 


While they are very handy on a windy day at the park, they aren't designed for use on loose, sandy soil or at the beach. 



Learn more about Picnic Pegs here.

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