The Everyday Picnic Rug is the same great quality as the OG Really Big Picnic Rug, just in a more ‘everyday’ size.

This Everyday Picnic Rug is 1.45 x 1.45 M and fits up to 4 adults.

Here's what makes it so darn fantastic:

☀️Made from DuPont Teflon© stain and water-resistant durable, smooth poly top side.
☀️ Smooth PVC backing and non-furry top side,(makes sand, burrs and soil easy to shake off)
☀️Made with reinforced eyelet corners and a four pack of super-strong aluminium Picnic Pegs ensure your picnic stays put on the grass.
☀️Comes in a matching, water-resistant, lined drawstring backpack to make it easy to carry.
☀️ Easy to fold design; no velcro, fiddly straps or origami skills required.
It also makes the ideal play rug!