Introducing the Daisies for Days mental health series by Geelong artist Steph Chapman for Picnic Season.

This collection is inspired by Steph’s favourite soul-soothing places. It takes you from the banks of the winding Barwon River to her grandparents’ garden in suburban Geelong and colourful summers in Queenscliff and Byron Bay.

Steph has suffered from anxiety since her teens and truly believes nature is a mental health wonder.

Steph's anxiety got worse in early 2018 after finding out she needed a heart operation. Highly anxious, she struggled even leaving the house. Steph spent her days painting the flower-dotted places her anxiety kept her from. But, two cardiac procedures later, she found her way back to the flowers. She reconnected with nature in late 2020, and hasn’t looked back.

Daisies for Days captures this rediscovery.

While each of Steph's three designs are unique, tiny loveable daisies unite them. For Steph, daisies represent her inner child. They remind her to embrace nature like she did as a little girl.

Steph hopes this series reminds people to head into the great outdoors, arms and hearts wide open.

To unwind on sandy shores. To heal on riverside trails. To make memories with loved ones under big, blue skies.

We hope Steph’s nostalgic wonderland brings you joy. In this colourful collection, the air is fresh, the daisies go on for days and the adventures await.